Guide to SPLIT, with warnings

Thanks for visiting. This is a 4-part guide, written in steps to let you control your experience. Part 1:

Split is a film by M. Night Shyamalan starring James McAvoy, released worldwide by Universal Studios on January 19th and 20th, 2017.

This guide is presented in unapologetic support of trauma survivors, those facing mental health stigma, and multiples. Now that the movie is out,  no-warning plot blurbs and descriptions can be found all over. Our analysis is for all, so if you feel you don’t need certain info, just scroll until you find what you are looking for.  These warnings are written with awareness of triggers for folks with PTSD and/or facing marginalization in daily life to help them decide if they want to read the plot description, or generally expose themselves to the film. The comprehensive critique of the entire film is a separate project.

So what’s in this guide?

In this guide, there is this page, then an initial warning, then a detailed content warning, then the main plot events and details.

Who wrote this?

This was written by a couple viewers who are multiple aka many people in one body. That is the experience that the film is – sort of – based on.

We hope this is useful, and seriously, stop anytime.

Hundreds visit this page: some readers skip to the end, others will stop here or midway. No judgment. You are in control. We tried hard as multiples and survivors to accurately warn and inform. Feedback welcome. As people who have felt trapped in our lives, we want to tell you – you can leave. It is completely valid to avoid this film. You don’t have to know about it. We are here for you, regardless.

I decided not to read more. Can I still help?

Yes. Thanks! Spread the word. Share this guide,, and consider signing our original open letter to the director. Your voices matter. Say hi on twitter! @splitmoviehurts ❤

If you are a writer, please consider adding warnings to coverage of SPLIT.

I decided I do want to keep reading

Part 2
Next Level of Content Warning

Sources: seeing the movie at premiere on January 13th, so others would not have to + ad and interview analysis.

Always feel free to exit the page. ❤

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