Part 3 – Content warnings (mild spoilers)

Start from our first warning if you haven’t already been there.

CONTENT WARNINGS (may “spoil”):

the film contains:

  • blends of accurate info and blatant misrepresentation of Dissociative Identity Disorder
    • in other words, all kinds of stereotypes blended with facts from our own communities
    •  e.g. fact: frequent struggle to be believed that one is several people. fiction: that controversy leading to grotesque violence
  • representations of DID patients engaging in immoral and violent acts
  • graphic and shock-factor violence
  • depictions of child trauma survivors
  • depictions of being trapped, fleeing, doomed
  • several assaults
  • knife and gun violence
  • repeated harm towards young women and girls
  • child sexual abuse  (perpetrated by a non-DID perpetrator)
  • portrayal of that system (ie collection of people living in one body) covering up what they are doing to their therapist
  • credibility challenges and endangerment of therapist for working with DID patients
  • appropriation of narratives around survivors being stronger because of trauma
  • arguably sexist script
  • script sets up for transphobic reactions from audience when transfeminine character appears – the only audible “ew” we heard in a movie filled with all kinds of shock and violence.
  • the director explicitly said the film was inspired by The Silence of the Lambs
  • audiences and critics may say all kinds of uncomfortable remarks about these different experiences

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plot description and extreme content warning. includes spoilers.

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