Start somewhere

A brief history of starting

In early December, in a community we’d just joined, someone spoke out.

“yikes, anyone else heard about this movie?”

Many had, indeed. A small group decided to write a letter on a private forum, and that grew to a powerful testimony that attracted dozens of signatures!

We, your site admins, thought about just taking cover and avoiding this movie. But someone asked, “what is the smallest thing you could do and while still having an impact?”

A site hosting that letter. A very small team launched the site just a couple weeks ago. With the letter. Signatures and views grew.

A couple days after launch, we had the opportunity to see the film early, on Friday the 13th, of course. We didn’t want to go. The ads and trailers already showed a willingness to take the experience of being many people in one body and warp it towards evil for entertainment. But the opportunity to see it early, for free, and spread the word… We eventually found supporters to go with us and hang out after. We saw the whole thing, indeed!

It took us about 36 hours to recover (that’s another blog post), and start writing the guide to the film. Published last Wednesday, traffic quadrupled.

In first two weeks of the site, we’ve had over 1,600 unique visitors from 42 COUNTRIES!

We weren’t even sure we were going to make this website.

Today we just re-edited the movie overview and content warnings. Thinking about the content of Split continues to be the hardest part. Because #SplitMovieHurts. We hope to use our blog to break it down piece-by-piece. You gotta start somewhere.

Help us grow by sharing and speaking out with #splitmoviehurts, #pluralpride

Thanks for meeting our efforts with attention and care. So many others are also doing great work, so thank you too. We are in this together.

Multiply yours,
the team

P.S. Sign the letter that got us started! ❤

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